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Medical Terminology

Medical Terminology is a word stock, for exactly narrating the human body and corresponding parts, conditions, procedure and tasks in a science based manner.

Objectives to keep in mind to study Medical Terminology

There are three objectives to possess in notice as you learn medical terminology:

  • First look over the medical terminology words by breaking them into parts.
  • Associate the medical terminology word to the anatomy and natural purpose of human body. Because medical terms described in their actual conditions will be easier to remember.

Example: Hepatitis

‘Hepat’ means Liver and ‘itis’ means inflammation.

Hepatitis means Inflammation of Liver.

  • Be aware of spelling and pronunciation problems, because some medical terms are identically pronounced but are meant inversely and also have different meanings.

For example: Ilium and Ileum

Both pronounced alike, but they have different meanings

Ilium – means a portion of hip bone and

Ileum – means part of small intestine

Easy steps to remember Medical terminology Words

Word Analysis:

It means separating the Medical terminology word into its element portions

The element parts are:

  • Word root
  • Prefix
  • Suffix
  • Combining vowel

Word root of Medical terminology words

The word root is a term obtained from a place of origin language (Latin or Greek) and usually narrates a body parts. The word root is the foundation of the Medical terminology words and all medical terminology words have 1 or more roots.

For example:

The root “ Hemat “ means blood

Word root list with examples

Prefix of Medical terminology words:

The prefix appears at the start of a word to change the word root with more information about the locality of body parts, the quantity of parts, or period tangled.

Example: Subgastric

Here “Sub is prefix which means “under”.

Prefixes list with examples

Suffix of Medical terminology words:

The Suffixes appears at the finish of a word root to improve original definition such as condition, illness, part of speech, or a procedure.

Example: Hematology

The suffix “-logy” means “study of”

Root “Hemat” means blood

Hematology means study of blood

Suffixes list with examples

Combining Vowel

(Typically O) It relates the root to the suffix or 1 root to another root.

Let us see few examples to analyze the medical terminology word by dividing them into component parts:

Medical Terminology Example 1: Hematology

First break the medical terminology word as shown below:


Hemat (Blood) – Word root

O – Combining vowel

Logy (Study) – Suffix

Hematology means Study of Blood.

Medical Terminology Example 2: Subgastric


Sub(Under) – Prefix

Gastr(Stomach) – Word root

Ic (Pertaining to/relating to)

Subgastric means pertaining to under stomach.

Medical Terminology Example 3: Electrocardiogram


Electr(Electricity) – Word root

O – Combining vowel

Cardi(Heart) – Word root

O – Combining vowel

Gram – Recording

Electrocardiogram means recording of electricity in the heart.

Medical Terminology Example 4: Gastritis


Gastr(Stomach) – Word root

Itis(Inflammation) – Suffix

Gastritis means stomach inflammation.