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Aetna address and Provider Phone Number

Aetna address and Aetna Provider Phone Number for Claims – Complete list:

States with Abbreviation ListAetna Address for Filing Claims
1) Colorado - CO
2) Connecticut - CT
3) District of Columbia - DC
4) Delaware - DE
5) Iowa - IA
6) Illinois - IL
7) Indiana - IN
8) Kansas - KA
9) Kentucky - KY
10) Massachusetts - MA
11) Maryland - MD
12) Maine - ME
13) Michigan - MI
14) Minnesota - MN
15) Missouri - MO
17) Montana - MT
18) North Dakota - ND
19) Nebraska - NE
20) New Hampshire - NH
21) New Jersey - NJ
22) New york - NY
23) Ohio - OH
24) Oklahoma - OK
25) Pennsylvania - PA
26) Rhode Island - RI
27) South Dakota - SD
28) Texas - TX
29) Virginia - VA
30) Vermont - VT
31) Wisconsin - WI
32) West Virginia - WV
33) Wyoming - WY
PO Box 981106
El Paso, Texas
1) Alabama - AL
2) Alaska - AK
3) Arizona - AZ
4) Arkansas - AR
5) California - CA
6) Florida - FL
7) Georgia - GA
8) Hawaii - HI
9) Idaho - ID
10) Louisiana - LA
11) Mississippi - MS
12) North Carolina - NC
13) New Mexico - NM
14) Nevada - NV
15) Oregon - OR
16) South Carolina - SC
17) Tennessee - TN
18) Utah - UT
19) Washington - WA
PO BOX 14079,
Lexington, KY 40512-4079
Aetna Member ServicesAetna Address for Member Services
Corporate Headquarters151 Farmington Avenue
Hartford, CT 06156
Aetna addresses for PharmacyAetna Pharmacy Claims:
Aetna Pharmacy Management
PO Box 52444
Phoenix, AZ 85072-2444

Mail order drug ordering address:
Aetna Rx Home Delivery
PO Box 417019
Kansas City, MO 64179-9892
For below plans submitt to the following address:Aetna Address for Claims Submitting
For all Aetna Student Health and Medicare Plans use:PO Box 191106
El Paso, TX, 79998-1106
For all Aetna Voluntary and Limited Benefits Plans use:PO Box 14079
Lexington, KY 40512-4079
Aetna Address for submitting Dental Claims
PO Box 14094
Lexington, KY 40512-4094
Aetna Medicare SolutionsAetna Address
Mailing address:
PO Box 14088
Lexington, KY 40512
Request a Medical coverage decision by Mail:Medical Service:
PO Box 14079
Lexington, KY 40512-4079
Request a Medical Appeal by Mail:Aetna Medicare Part C Appeal and Grievances
PO Box 14067
Lexington, KY 40512
Request a Drug Coverage decision by Mail:Aetna Medicare Coverage decisions:
PO Box 7773
London, KY 40742
Requesting a Drug Appeal by Mail:Aetna Medicare Part D Appeals & Grievances
PO Box 14579
Lexington, KY 40512
ResourcesAetna Provider Phone Number
Aetna CredentialingCustomer Service Department
800-353-1232 (Medical and Behavioral Health)
800-451-7715 (Dental)

Council for Affordable Quality Healthcare (CAQH)

Aetna Speciality Pharmacy
Mental health and Substance abuseRefer to the back side of the member ID card
National Medical Excellence Program877-212-8811
Aetna Student Health
Aetna Workers Comp Access
Meritain Health
Refer Member Identification card
Aetna Signature Administrators800-238-6288
CoverMyMeds866-503-0857 (Preauthorization)
866-452-5017 (General Information)
Aetna Medical and Behavioral health888-632-3862
Coventry (Including workers compensation and auto injury)800-937-6824
Aetna Provider Phone Number for below plans - 800-624-0756
Aetna Medicare Plan (HMO)
Aetna Medicare Prime Plan (HMO)
Quality Point of Service (Except the ID starts with W)
HMO (Except the ID starts with W)
Aetna Medicare Plan Open Access (HMO)
Aetna Open Access HMO
Aetna Choice POS
Aetna Medicare Plan (PPO)
Aetna Medicare Prime Plan (PPO)
Aetna Provider Phone Number for below listed plans - 888-632-3862
Aetna Select
Elect Choice
HMO (Member ID starts with W)
Quality Point of Service (Member ID starts with W)
Managed Choice POS
Aetna Health Network Only
Aetna Open Access Elect Choice
Open Access Aetna Select
Aetna Choice POS II
Aetna Health Network Option
Aetna Open Access Managed Choice
Open Choice PPO
Traditional Choice
Aetna Provider Phone Number for the following listed plans - 888-772-9682
Aetna Limited Benefits Insurance Plan (PPO)
Aetna Voluntary Group Medical Plan (indemnity Plan)
ResourcesAetna Provider Phone Number List (California)
Aetna Medicare Advantage Plans and
HMO Based Plans (California)
All other Plans (California)888-632-3862
Aetna HMO Plans (California)888-702-3862 (Benefit Questions or Claim Inquiries)
Aetna PPO Plans (California)
Aetna Choice Plans (California)
Aetna Indemnity Plans (California)
888-802-3862 (Benefit Questions or Claim Inquiries)
Aetna Dental (California)877-238-6200
Aetna Life Insurance (California)800-523-5065
Aetna Pharmacy (California)800-238-6279

888-792-3862 (Mail order drug)
Aetna Vision Discount Programs (California)800-793-8616
Informed health line (California)800-556-1555 (24 hrs Nurse Help line)
Aetna Behavioral Health (California)800-424-5702
ResourcesAetna Better health Provider Phone Number
Member Services/Eligibility Verification
Prior Authorizations
Provider Relations