BCBS Prefix List R2A to R9Z

Blue Cross Blue Shield Provider Phone Number
Blue Cross Blue Shield Federal Phone Number
BCBS Prefix List 2021 - Alpha NumericState LookupBCBS Company
R2APennsylvaniaHighmark Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Pennsylvania
R2BIllinoisBlue-Cross Blue-Shield of Illinois
R2CAlaskaPremera Blue-Cross of Alaska
R2DIllinoisBlue-Cross Blue-Shield of Illinois
R2EIllinoisBlue-Cross Blue-Shield of Illinois
R2FIllinoisBlue-Cross Blue-Shield of Illinois
R2GTexasBlue-Cross Blue-Shield of Texas
R2HIndianaAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Indiana
R2IRhode IslandBlue-Cross Blue-Shield of Rhode Island
R2JOhioAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Ohio
R2KOhioAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Ohio
R2LPennsylvaniaHighmark Blue-Shield of Pennsylvania
R2MNew YorkEmpire Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of New York
R2NNew YorkEmpire Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of New York
R2O-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
R2POregon/Idaho/Utah/WashingtonRegence Blue-Cross Blue-Shield
R2QIndianaAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Indiana
R2RNew YorkEmpire Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of New York
R2SOregon/Idaho/Utah/WashingtonRegence Blue-Cross Blue-Shield
R2TIllinoisBlue-Cross Blue-Shield of Illinois
R2UIllinoisBlue-Cross Blue-Shield of Illinois
R2VGeorgiaAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Georgia
R2WOhioAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Ohio
R2XAlaskaPremera Blue-Cross of Alaska
R2YIndianaAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Indiana
R2ZOhioAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Ohio
R3AOhioAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Ohio
R3BTexasBlue-Cross Blue-Shield of Texas
R3CVermontBlue-Cross of Vermont
R3DAlaskaPremera Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Alaska
R3EVirginiaAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Virginia
R3FIllinoisBlue-Cross Blue-Shield of Illinois
R3GOhioAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Ohio
R3HGeorgiaAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Georgia
R3I-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
R3JTexasBlue-Cross Blue-Shield of Texas
R3KIllinoisBlue-Cross Blue-Shield of Illinois
R3LOhioAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Ohio
R3MNew YorkEmpire Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of New York
R3NMissouriAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Missouri
R3O-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
R3PIllinoisBlue-Cross Blue-Shield of Illinois
R3QPennsylvaniaIndependence Blue-Cross of Pennsylvania
R3ROregon/Idaho/Utah/WashingtonRegence Blue-Cross Blue-Shield
R3SIllinoisBlue-Cross Blue-Shield of Illinois
R3TIllinoisBlue-Cross Blue-Shield of Illinois
R3UIllinoisBlue-Cross Blue-Shield of Illinois
R3VIllinoisBlue-Cross Blue-Shield of Illinois
R3WAlaskaPremera Blue-Cross of Alaska
R3XNew YorkEmpire Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of New York
R3YIllinoisBlue-Cross Blue-Shield of Illinois
R3ZCaliforniaAnthem Blue-Cross
R4APennsylvaniaHighmark Blue-Shield of Pennsylvania
R4BTexasBlue-Cross Blue-Shield of Texas
R4CTexasBlue-Cross Blue-Shield of Texas
R4DAlaskaPremera Blue-Cross of Alaska
R4EWisconsinAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Wisconsin
R4FIllinoisBlue-Cross Blue-Shield of Illinois
R4GIllinoisBlue-Cross Blue-Shield of Illinois
R4H-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
R4I-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
R4JWisconsinAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Wisconsin
R4KWisconsinAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Wisconsin
R4LWisconsinAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Wisconsin
R4MMaryland/District of Columbia/Northern VirginiaCarefirst Blue-Cross Blue-Shield
R4NWisconsinAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Wisconsin
R4O-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
R4PIllinoisBlue-Cross Blue-Shield of Illinois
R4Q-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
R4RIndianaAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Indiana
R4SAlaskaPremera Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Alaska
R4TIllinoisBlue-Cross Blue-Shield of Illinois
R4UCaliforniaAnthem Blue-Cross
R4V-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
R4WIndianaAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Indiana
R4XIndianaAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Indiana
R4YIndianaAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Indiana
R4ZIndianaAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Indiana
R5AMaryland/District of Columbia/Northern VirginiaCarefirst Blue-Cross Blue-Shield
R5BIllinoisBlue-Cross Blue-Shield of Illinois
R5CIllinoisBlue-Cross Blue-Shield of Illinois
R5DIllinoisBlue-Cross Blue-Shield of Illinois
R5EIllinoisBlue-Cross Blue-Shield of Illinois
R5FIllinoisBlue-Cross Blue-Shield of Illinois
R5GIllinoisBlue-Cross Blue-Shield of Illinois
R5HIllinoisBlue-Cross Blue-Shield of Illinois
R5I-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
R5J-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
R5K-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
R5LMassachusettsBlue-Cross Blue-Shield of Massachusetts
R5MGeorgiaAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Georgia
R5NIllinoisBlue-Cross Blue-Shield of Illinois
R5O-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
R5PGeorgiaAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Georgia
R5Q-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
R5R-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
R5S-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
R5TMaryland/District of Columbia/Northern VirginiaCarefirst Blue-Cross Blue-Shield
R5U-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
R5VCaliforniaAnthem Blue-Cross
R5WOhioAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Ohio
R5X-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
R5Y-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
R5Z-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
R6AOhioAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Ohio
R6B-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
R6CGeorgiaAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Georgia
R6DOregon/Idaho/Utah/WashingtonRegence Blue-Cross Blue-Shield
R6E-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
R6FIllinoisBlue-Cross Blue-Shield of Illinois
R6GMassachusettsBlue-Cross Blue-Shield of Massachusetts
R6HGeorgiaAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Georgia
R6I-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
R6J-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
R6K-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
R6LGeorgiaAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Georgia
R6MOhioAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Ohio
R6NIllinoisBlue-Cross Blue-Shield of Illinois
R6O-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
R6PAlaskaPremera Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Alaska
R6Q-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
R6R-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
R6SOregon/Idaho/Utah/WashingtonRegence Blue-Cross Blue-Shield
R6TOregon/Idaho/Utah/WashingtonRegence Blue-Cross Blue-Shield
R6U-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
R6V-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
R6WOhioAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Ohio
R6X-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
R6Y-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
R6Z-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
R7AVirginiaAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Virginia
R7BNew YorkEmpire Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of New York
R7CNew YorkEmpire Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of New York
R7D-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
R7E-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
R7FOregon/Idaho/Utah/WashingtonRegence Blue-Cross Blue-Shield
R7GGeorgiaAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Georgia
R7H-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
R7I-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
R7J-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
R7K-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
R7LWisconsinAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Wisconsin
R7MIndianaAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Indiana
R7NGeorgiaAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Georgia
R7O-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
R7PGeorgiaAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Georgia
R7Q-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
R7RGeorgiaAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Georgia
R7S-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
R7TTexasBlue-Cross Blue-Shield of Texas
R7U-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
R7V-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
R7W-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
R7X-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
R7Y-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
R7Z-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
R8ACaliforniaAnthem Blue-Cross
R8BVirginiaAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Virginia
R8CAlaskaPremera Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Alaska
R8D-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
R8E-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
R8FVermontBlue-Cross of Vermont
R8GMaryland/District of Columbia/Northern VirginiaCarefirst Blue-Cross Blue-Shield
R8HGeorgiaAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Georgia
R8I-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
R8J-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
R8K-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
R8L-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
R8M-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
R8NPennsylvaniaHighmark Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Pennsylvania
R8O-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
R8P-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
R8Q-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
R8R-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
R8S-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
R8TCaliforniaAnthem Blue-Cross
R8U-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
R8VPennsylvaniaHighmark Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Pennsylvania
R8W-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
R8X-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
R8Y-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
R8Z-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
R9AIndianaAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Indiana
R9BWisconsinAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Wisconsin
R9CGeorgiaAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Georgia
R9DNew YorkEmpire Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of New York
R9E-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
R9FGeorgiaAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Georgia
R9GMassachusettsBlue-Cross Blue-Shield of Massachusetts
R9H-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
R9I-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
R9J-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
R9K-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
R9L-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
R9MOhioAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Ohio
R9N-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
R9O-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
R9PVermontBlue-Cross of Vermont
R9Q-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
R9ROhioAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Ohio
R9S-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
R9TGeorgiaAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Georgia
R9U-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
R9V-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
R9WOhioAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Ohio
R9X-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
R9Y-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
R9Z-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned

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