BCBS Prefix List W2A to W9Z

Blue Cross Blue Shield Provider Phone Number
Blue Cross Blue Shield Federal Phone Number
BCBS Prefix List 2021 - Alpha NumericState LookupBCBS Company
W2ANew York (Northeastern)Blue-Shield of Northeastern New York
W2BIllinoisBlue-Cross Blue-Shield of Illinois
W2CGeorgiaAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Georgia
W2DWest VirginiaHighmark Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of West Virginia
W2EColoradoAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Colorado
W2FIllinoisBlue-Cross Blue-Shield of Illinois
W2GOregon/Idaho/Utah/WashingtonRegence Blue-Cross Blue-Shield
W2HCaliforniaAnthem Blue-Cross
W2IVirginiaAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Virginia
W2JWest VirginiaHighmark Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of West Virginia
W2KArkansasArkansas Blue-Cross Blue-Shield
W2LIllinoisBlue-Cross Blue-Shield of Illinois
W2MIllinoisBlue-Cross Blue-Shield of Illinois
W2NArkansasArkansas Blue-Cross Blue-Shield
W2O-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
W2POregon/Idaho/Utah/WashingtonRegence Blue-Cross Blue-Shield
W2QPennsylvaniaHighmark Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Pennsylvania
W2RWest VirginiaHighmark Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of West Virginia
W2SOregon/Idaho/Utah/WashingtonRegence Blue-Cross Blue-Shield
W2TOregon/Idaho/Utah/WashingtonRegence Blue-Cross Blue-Shield
W2UWest VirginiaHighmark Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of West Virginia
W2VPennsylvaniaHighmark Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Pennsylvania
W2WArkansasArkansas Blue-Cross Blue-Shield
W2XPennsylvaniaHighmark Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Pennsylvania
W2YPennsylvaniaHighmark Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Pennsylvania
W2ZPennsylvaniaHighmark Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Pennsylvania
W3APennsylvaniaHighmark Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Pennsylvania
W3BWisconsinAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Wisconsin
W3COregon/Idaho/Utah/WashingtonRegence Blue-Cross Blue-Shield
W3DNevadaAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Nevada
W3EMissouriAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Missouri
W3FCaliforniaAnthem Blue-Cross
W3GTexasBlue-Cross Blue-Shield of Texas
W3HAlaskaPremera Blue-Cross of Alaska
W3I-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
W3JGeorgiaAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Georgia
W3KAlaskaPremera Blue-Cross of Alaska
W3LPennsylvaniaHighmark Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Pennsylvania
W3MIllinoisBlue-Cross Blue-Shield of Illinois
W3NCaliforniaAnthem Blue-Cross
W3O-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
W3PNew YorkEmpire Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of New York
W3QCaliforniaAnthem Blue-Cross
W3RTexasBlue-Cross Blue-Shield of Texas
W3SGeorgiaAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Georgia
W3TArkansasArkansas Blue-Cross Blue-Shield
W3UWest VirginiaHighmark Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of West Virginia
W3VGeorgiaAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Georgia
W3WNew YorkEmpire Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of New York
W3XNew YorkEmpire Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of New York
W3YPennsylvaniaHighmark Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Pennsylvania
W3ZGeorgiaAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Georgia
W4AMinnesotaBlue-Cross Blue-Shield of Minnesota
W4BIllinoisBlue-Cross Blue-Shield of Illinois
W4CMaryland/District of Columbia/Northern VirginiaCarefirst Blue-Cross Blue-Shield
W4D-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
W4E-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
W4FTexasBlue-Cross Blue-Shield of Texas
W4GTexasBlue-Cross Blue-Shield of Texas
W4HRhode IslandBlue-Cross Blue-Shield of Rhode Island
W4I-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
W4JTexasBlue-Cross Blue-Shield of Texas
W4KTexasBlue-Cross Blue-Shield of Texas
W4LMissouriAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Missouri
W4MTexasBlue-Cross Blue-Shield of Texas
W4NTexasBlue-Cross Blue-Shield of Texas
W4O-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
W4PTexasBlue-Cross Blue-Shield of Texas
W4Q-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
W4RTexasBlue-Cross Blue-Shield of Texas
W4SOhioAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Ohio
W4TAlaskaPremera Blue-Cross of Alaska
W4UColoradoAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Colorado
W4VTexasBlue-Cross Blue-Shield of Texas
W4WTexasBlue-Cross Blue-Shield of Texas
W4XTexasBlue-Cross Blue-Shield of Texas
W4YTexasBlue-Cross Blue-Shield of Texas
W4ZTexasBlue-Cross Blue-Shield of Texas
W5ATexasBlue-Cross Blue-Shield of Texas
W5BGeorgiaAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Georgia
W5CVermontBlue-Cross of Vermont
W5D-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
W5E-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
W5FGeorgiaAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Georgia
W5GWisconsinAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Wisconsin
W5HAlaskaPremera Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Alaska
W5I-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
W5JAlaskaPremera Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Alaska
W5KMinnesotaBlue-Cross Blue-Shield of Minnesota
W5L-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
W5MIllinoisBlue-Cross Blue-Shield of Illinois
W5N-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
W5O-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
W5PWisconsinAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Wisconsin
W5Q-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
W5R-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
W5S-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
W5TAlaskaPremera Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Alaska
W5U-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
W5V-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
W5W-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
W5X-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
W5Y-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
W5Z-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
W6ATexasBlue-Cross Blue-Shield of Texas
W6BTexasBlue-Cross Blue-Shield of Texas
W6CAlaskaPremera Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Alaska
W6DWisconsinAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Wisconsin
W6E-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
W6FNew HampshireAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of New Hampshire
W6GGeorgiaAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Georgia
W6HCaliforniaAnthem Blue-Cross
W6I-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
W6JDelawareHighmark Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Delaware
W6K-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
W6LDelawareHighmark Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Delaware
W6MNew YorkEmpire Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of New York
W6N-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
W6O-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
W6PNew YorkEmpire Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of New York
W6Q-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
W6RNew YorkEmpire Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of New York
W6SMaryland/District of Columbia/Northern VirginiaCarefirst Blue-Cross Blue-Shield
W6TOregon/Idaho/Utah/WashingtonRegence Blue-Cross Blue-Shield
W6UNew YorkEmpire Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of New York
W6VNew YorkEmpire Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of New York
W6WNew YorkEmpire Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of New York
W6XMaineAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Maine
W6YNew YorkEmpire Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of New York
W6Z-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
W7AColoradoAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Colorado
W7BIndianaAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Indiana
W7CAlaskaPremera Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Alaska
W7DIllinoisBlue-Cross Blue-Shield of Illinois
W7E-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
W7FGeorgiaAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Georgia
W7GIllinoisBlue-Cross Blue-Shield of Illinois
W7HIllinoisBlue-Cross Blue-Shield of Illinois
W7I-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
W7J-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
W7K-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
W7L-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
W7MMaryland/District of Columbia/Northern VirginiaCarefirst Blue-Cross Blue-Shield
W7N-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
W7O-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
W7PNew YorkEmpire Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of New York
W7Q-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
W7ROhioAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Ohio
W7SCaliforniaAnthem Blue-Cross
W7TIllinoisBlue-Cross Blue-Shield of Illinois
W7U-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
W7V-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
W7WNew YorkEmpire Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of New York
W7X-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
W7Y-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
W7Z-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
W8AWisconsinAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Wisconsin
W8BWisconsinAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Wisconsin
W8COhioAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Ohio
W8DIllinoisBlue-Cross Blue-Shield of Illinois
W8E-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
W8F-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
W8G-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
W8HMinnesotaBlue-Cross Blue-Shield of Minnesota
W8I-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
W8J-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
W8K-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
W8L-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
W8M-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
W8N-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
W8O-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
W8PGeorgiaAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Georgia
W8Q-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
W8R-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
W8S-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
W8TMaryland/District of Columbia/Northern VirginiaCarefirst Blue-Cross Blue-Shield
W8UMichiganBlue-Cross Blue Shield of Michigan
W8V-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
W8W-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
W8X-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
W8Y-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
W8Z-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
W9AOregon/Idaho/Utah/WashingtonRegence Blue-Cross Blue-Shield
W9BIndianaAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Indiana
W9COregon/Idaho/Utah/WashingtonRegence Blue-Cross Blue-Shield
W9DWisconsinAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Wisconsin
W9E-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
W9FGeorgiaAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Georgia
W9GGeorgiaAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Georgia
W9HIndianaAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Indiana
W9I-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
W9J-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
W9K-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
W9L-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
W9MIllinoisBlue-Cross Blue-Shield of Illinois
W9N-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
W9O-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
W9PWisconsinAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Wisconsin
W9Q-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
W9R-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
W9SColoradoAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Colorado
W9T-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
W9U-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
W9VOregon/Idaho/Utah/WashingtonRegence Blue-Cross Blue-Shield
W9W-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
W9XMichiganBlue-Cross Blue Shield of Michigan
W9Y-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
W9Z-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned

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