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Welcome to rcmguide.com,

Before proceeding on about us page of rcmguide.com, we would like to thanks to each and every one who have been part of our journey.

Rcmguide.com began on August 2019 and we started this blog:

  • With the user’s perspective in mind with the idea of giving quality information.
  • Help users to enrich & improve their skills, to intend them for success.
  • And users to get simple solutions to their everyday problems.

Our main focus is to provide useful information of medical billing and coding and help our users to know the more information on medical billing and coding in order to accomplish their daily work easily.

I am sharing all the useful information, which I have learnt in regards to medical billing and coding and the information we provide on this rcmguide website is free to use and can share with everyone.

Whoever interested to write a unique and useful article of medical billing and coding for our users can contact us at admin@rcmguide.com.

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Channagangaiah,Founder of rcmguide.com