BCBS Prefix List

BCBS prefix List plays a vital role in filing the health care claims properly to the correct BCBS address and also to verify member’s eligibility, health insurance coverage information and to reach the correct BCBS department to check the claim status or disputes of the claim.

BCBS Prefix List Alpha & Alpha Numeric 2023:

AAA to AZZBAA to BZZCAA to CZZA2A to A9ZB2A to B9ZC2A to C9Z
DAA to DZZEAA to EZZFAA to FZZD2A to D9ZE2A to E9ZF2A to F9Z
GAA to GZZHAA to HZZIAA to IZZG2A to G9ZH2A to H9ZI2A to I9Z
JAA to JZZKAA to KZZLAA to LZZJ2A to J9ZK2A to K9ZL2A to L9Z
MAA to MZZNAA to NZZOAA to OZZM2A to M9ZN2A to N9ZO2A to O9Z
PAA to PZZQAA to QZZRAA to RZZP2A to P9ZQ2A to Q9ZR2A to R9Z
SAA to SZZTAA to TZZUAA to UZZS2A to S9ZT2A to T9ZU2A to U9Z
VAA to VZZWAA to WZZXAA to XAAV2A to V9ZW2A to W9ZX2A to X9Z
YAA to YZZZAA to ZZZY2A to Y9ZZ2A to Z9Z
Blue Cross Blue Shield Provider Phone Number
Blue Cross Blue Shield Federal Phone Number
Health insurance policy number:

Policy number is a unique number, which is provided to their insured person by respective insurances in order for identification purposes and also for billing the healthcare claims.

BCBS Prefix :

BCBS prefix is a three character prefixes followed by the id number except for the following products and programs.

  • BCBS FEP – It’s indicated with letter R followed by the id number.
  • Stand-alone dental products, vision and pharmacy when delivered through an intermediary model.

BCBS Prefix should be included along with ID number, exactly as it appears on the member ID card when filing the claims to insurance company.

Suppose assume claims filed with an incorrect member ID number or BCBS prefix by Provider or Billing companies, then BCBS insurance will deny the claim stating “Incorrect member ID, please submit with an correct member ID number”.

In some case provider or billing company may file the claim to an incorrect address without checking the correct BCBS address. In that case claim may be denied as “Submit the claim to the correct address / Member ID not found”.  In order to get rid of this denial or sometimes delay in processing, Provider or Billing companies has to find out the correct address by BCBS prefix from the above list before filing the claim.

BCBS Prefix can be classified as follows:

BCBS Alpha Prefix – It’s a three letter alpha prefix followed by id number.

For example: ABC12345678

Here “ABC” is BCBS alpha prefix.

BCBS Alpha Numeric Prefix – It’s a three letter Alpha numeric prefix followed by id number.

For example: A2A12345678

Here “A2A” is BCBS alpha numeric prefix.

BCBS FEP Prefix – BCBS Federal Employee Program is identified by the letter “R” followed by the number.

For example: R12345678

Here Letter “R” indicates BCBS FEP prefix.

Tips to follow, when the claim is related to BCBS prefix :
  • Do not create one or use the BCBS prefix from another member ID card. By doing it may cause delay in processing or handling the claim.
  • Always use the BCBS prefix on the member’s current ID card followed by the member id number. Please use the above BCBS prefix lookup table to find the exact BCBS address.
Frequently asked Questions:

Does policy number same as member ID number?

Yes, Policy number same as member ID number and also known as subscriber ID number.